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Posted on May 27, 2019 9:15 pm by gregg

Back on DigitalOcean and have setup a droplet where I am hosting Laravel 5.8 and using laravel-websockets to have a chat application where it is just one on one and have registration turned off to keep it for just a few people. I am not real sure that I can talk anyone to use it but I am thrilled that it is up and running.

Just reset the domain to be active on this droplet but it will take a while before it migrates back to it but that will make it easier to get to the site rather than using an IP address. My problem now is what project to work on next but for now think that it is time to get back into the Python financial courses that I have. I actually started one a while back and have another one from the same author that I haven’t even started on.

Of course another project area is Livecode that I recently got back into especially since had the offer of a lifetime license for their latest Indy software. That license is for a small business with a limited gross but since I don’t sell anything it is perfect for me and it is closed source which means that I don’t have to worry about sharing code. Plus I am able to purchase extensions that only work on closed source licenses. Probably will never get to that point but its good to have that opportunity.