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Livecode CE 9.0.1

Livecode CE 9.0.1

Posted on September 12, 2018 9:59 pm by gregg

Finally able to get Livecode Community Edition to work on Ubuntu; am running the latest Ubuntu which is 18.04.1 LTS.  Not sure how long that I have messed around trying to get it running but it could be more than a year and for sure that would have been with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Windows 10.  Know that it does not have anything to do with Ubuntu rather it was some change Livecode made to make the IDE easier for beginners to use creating a backdrop so only the IDE shows on the desktop rather than before where not only the background shows but also other open apps. However when the backdrop is active it hides all the toolbars and I wasn’t able to find a good way to get to the toolbars.

In all this time never had a problem installing Livecode and wasn’t aware of the backdrop.  Just kept loosing the toolbars whenever I started working with the IDE and just kept walking away from this platform.  Did do some googling and also searched through Livecode’s forums but never came up with any solutions.  Not even sure why I decided to download it today again and ran into the same bottleneck right away.  Did go into preferences but was not able to find anything that would make a difference when I was able to get to the top toolbar.  I then went though all the tabs and then under the tab Views found the backdrop and something made me click that and don’t you know that magically it disappeared and now the IDE looks like what has always been there since started using it back in the 4.6 or so range.  Quickly was able to complete the Hello World introductory app so it seems that everything is now functioning.

This is kind of interesting as how many potential new users downloaded Livecode and weren’t able to use it and walked away from it when the problem was the backdrop that was implemented to help new users.