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First Post

First Post

Posted on July 13, 2018 2:12 pm by gregg

Still have some work to do on this site but decided to go on and get started.  Am anxious to get into working with Python again.  About 5 years or so ago took a very interesting Coursera course on using Python for stock market research.  However there was a lot in that course that went over my head so this new course that is offered Udemy “Python for financial analysis and algorithmic trading” has me interested in getting into it more.

Plus I just signed up for a DevOps course on Eduonix that gets into both Vagrant and Docker.  While I have studied both systems have had more success with Vagrant at this time yet even then ran into problems working with WordPress and had to stop using Vagrant and set up the environment on my host system.  My desire is to be able to develop any environment in a virtual solution rather than lugging down my base system with so many apps.  Plus with the constant change that is going on can easily run into conflicts and have to rebuild the base system.  It is much better to destroy a virtual system and restart the system in a virtual solution than rebuild your base computer.